Blog 2

Today was a good day.

It starts in the usual way, heading over to the vineyard to check the nets for birds. There aren’t any, most of the holes in the nets have been mended now and the wombat holes under the fences blocked up.

We’ve never seen a wombat under the nets, but I can smell them. A few weeks ago, wallaby were using the openings the wombats made to get in and I got to chase them out. That was the best fun ever! They haven’t been back for a while…

After breakfast we are back in the vineyard working under the nets.

Mum’s been home for the last few weeks and she and The Boss have been pulling off leaves and cutting off bunches of grapes and just dropping them on the ground. Not sure why, usually the bunches go in buckets and get tipped into bins on the trailer behind The Bike and then those bins get tipped into great big grey bins which get loaded onto trailers and head off out the gate and up the road.

Usually there are lots of people picking the grapes... reckon they will be here soon... the grapes are very sweet... I hope so, I love meeting new people.

I thought it was just going to be another boring day in the vineyard, looking for birds or digging holes to find out what makes those wonderful smells around the roots of the vines. The Boss growls at me when he finds me digging around the vines. I don’t think he can smell properly.

After lunch we head down to the machinery shed. I'm not sure what the plan is, but it turns out to be my favourite job!

The Boss climbs up into The Tractor and loads fertiliser out of the big blue bags into the spreader. I love fertiliser spreading. I’ve got my spot next to the glass door where I can stretch out on the floor and watch the world go past from way up high.

With glass on three sides you can see everything from up there. If it gets a bit warm The Boss twiddles some knobs and lovely cool air blows down on me.

Sometimes the rocking of The Tractor over the paddocks sends me off to sleep and I wake up with a start and wonder where I am. I reach up and give The Boss a reassuring lick.

We spend most of the afternoon spreading fertiliser. I wonder if The Boss knows its going to rain tonight.